The citadel
of Porto-Vecchio

This exceptional monument is a key element to visit when discovering Porto-Vecchio.

The Genoese citadel has been able to resist, through time, the incessant barbarian invasions and the persistent malaria. Several times destroyed, always rebuilt, it is the character of the town of Porto-Vecchio. What is more, with its shops, restaurants, cafés, film library and cultural centre, the Citadel is today the major hub of entertainment. As you climb towards the citadel, take time to admire the port and the Corsican massifs, then pass the Genoese gate, the ramparts, and wander through the narrow streets. Let yourself be captivated by the architecture and history of the old town of Porto-Vecchio.

How to get from the hotel to the citadel of Porto Vecchio

The Roc e Fiori Hotel is a 10-minute drive from the citadel of Porto Vecchio. During your stay at the hotel, our staff will show you the way to visit it.
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