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Many of our guests take advantage of their "Porto-Vecchio discovery" getaway to do some shopping. As a small seaside resort, Porto-Vecchio is home to a large number of luxury, souvenir and craft shops.

Located on the south-east coast of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio is the third largest commune on the island. Once known for its salt production, it is now renowned for the beauty of its beaches but also for its shops and markets. Indeed, the streets of the town are full of shops overflowing with Corsican products, the latest clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts... The craftsmen and shopkeepers of Porto-Vecchio will give you a warm welcome and will be able to satisfy your requests.

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How to get from the hotel to the shops in Porto Vecchio

The Roc e Fiori Hotel is located 10 minutes from Porto Vecchio. During your holiday at the hotel, our team will show you the way to make your favourite purchases.
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