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Relaxation area

Hammam and Massage


On reservation, Nathalie and Martine will bring you all the well-being you need with their massages with essential oils with the scents of the Corsican maquis and others as diverse as effective (massages, foot reflexology). You will discover Shiatsu, a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine. (non-therapeutic massages).

Relaxation and relaxation, these are the key words of the hammam, a hot steam bath where body scrubs with citrus fruits and Corsican honey, massage with hot sesame oil and essential oils of immortals can be proposed to you.

Menu of services of the massage room

By appointment only. Please contact the hotel reception.
04 95 70 45 20

Nathalie offers you:

Relaxing massage with Corsican essential oils
This relaxing moment combines traditional Thai and Indian massage with Corsican essential oils.
1h 100
Thai reflexology
Drainage of feet, face and scalp, energy method. Work up to the knees.
1h 80
Hammam and scrub
Choice of citrus or black soap.
30min 60
« Land of the Mediterranean » ritual
Hammam, body scrub with citrus fruits and Corsican honey, massage with hot sesame oil and essential oils of the maquis.
1h30 145
« Relaxation » ritual
Hammam, massage with essential oils from the maquis.
1h 100
Lymphatic drainage
Very gentle and precise movements without oil. The massage is very relaxing.
1h 100

Martine offers you:

« Abyanga » or energy massage
This energetic massage eliminates knots and tensions. It restores the energy in the body.
1h 100
Foot reflexology
Foot massage with acupressure points.
1h 100
Facial reflexology called « Dian Shang face lift method »
Facial massage with acupressure points on the meridians to firm the face and reduce wrinkles.
1h 100
Reiki, Japanese for « life force »
A method that brings balance and harmony through the laying on of hands.
1h 100
« Ayurvedic » massage
Massage that allows you to achieve well-being and relaxation by rebalancing your doshas in an individualised manner.
1h 100
A method of establishing or restoring a global balance between our body and mind.
1h 100
Relaxing massage
This moment activates the relaxation mechanisms, helps to find well-being and relaxation.
1h 100
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