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The beach
of Rondinara

The Roc e Fiori Hotel is located close to many beaches in the area. For example, the Rondinara beach is about 30 minutes away by car.

A true paradise, the Rondinara Bay is especially known for its unusual shape, resembling a shell. It is bordered by pine trees and is located in a protected nature reserve. The turquoise waters, the white sand, the surrounding nature and the reddish rocks make the Rondinara a perfect candidate for the election of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. In fact, it is often on the podium.

You can plan to devote a day to it in your holiday planning. For example, a family picnic on the fine sand, a swim in the unusual blue sea, a walk along the coast hand in hand with your partner.

If you come out of season, you will have the chance to meet a small herd of cows used to visitors. You can of course photograph them but we strongly advise against selfies! We are sure that both young and old will be delighted and will have wonderful memories.

Hotel Council

Get up early to take your place in this corner of paradise, take your sun cream and your camera... Don't take advantage of just one beach, take advantage of the beach of Santa Giulia or the beach of Palombaggia to vary the paradisiacal landscapes.

Note for families
Children can climb on the rocks and swim in the shallow waters...
Main characteristics of Rondinara beach
Turquoise water
Fine sand
Shell-shaped creek
Preserved nature
Route from the hotel
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