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The discovery of
Porto Vecchio

Located in the south of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio benefits from a strategic position between the sea and the mountains, making it a region to discover or rediscover.

Also known as "The City of Salt" because of its salt works between 1795 and 1815, Porto-Vecchio's reputation now extends beyond the borders of the island of beauty. Its paradisiacal beaches, its picturesque citadel and its lively summer life are its main assets. For the more active, the region stretches from Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio, where you will have access to a multitude of sports and leisure activities of all kinds.

Les plages de Porto-Vecchio

The village of Porto Vecchio

The picturesque old town of Porto-Vecchio offers visitors an authentic walk through its narrow streets and squares.

The citadel of Porto Vecchio

It was on a vast rock of immense pink porphyry that the senators of Genoa proposed in 1539 to the Office of San Giorgio, a wealthy Genoese bank, to build a fortress allowing the development of the plain and the export of goods to their own city. Thus was born the Citadel of Porto-Vecchio.

Shopping in Porto Vecchio

It is well known that Corsica is not to be outdone in this field. And Porto-Vecchio is a must for its trendy boutiques! Island designers have made their mark on the island and beyond its borders.

Gastronomy in Porto Vecchio

From the gastronomic to the traditional, a hundred or so restaurants showcase a gourmet terroir, where the scents and tastes of natural products and artisanal productions blend wonderfully to guarantee quality cuisine in a typical and friendly atmosphere.

Culture in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio has a lively cultural life. Indeed, many festivals and events take place there throughout the year.
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