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From Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio

Close to Porto-Vecchio, just a few kilometres from the sea, the Aiguilles de Bavella rise up and offer you their majestic beauty.

The extreme south of Corsica is located between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, this region is famous for its magnificent white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, each one of them is an enchantment. The largest of these is just a 5-minute drive from the Roc e Fiori Hotel, the famous Palombaggia beach, a huge white sand bank cut by rocky points and lined with umbrella pines. The vast bay of Santa Giulia to the south of Porto-Vecchio, covered in juniper trees, offers bathers and walkers its sandy expanse caressed by the ebb and flow of an ocean-tinged sea.

Not to be missed during your stay :


Spectacular! Dazzling! Suspended between sky and sea. Situated at the extreme southern tip of the island, Bonifacio enjoys an exceptional location.

Southern Corsica

To explore the splendours of southern Corsica is to discover a warm and heavenly island.
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