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A day trip to

During your stay in Porto-Vecchio it is important to plan a day visit to Bonifacio, this village is one of the key points to visit in the region that goes from Porto-Vecchio to Bonifacio.

Bonifacio takes its name from a Tuscan marquis, Boniface, at the time of Genoese rule, who bequeathed to it an original language closer to Ligurian than to Corsican.

Nicknamed by the Genoese "the eye in the middle of the water", given the strategic importance of the city... Today, entirely devoted to tourism, the city exploits its natural wealth: its exceptional beauty, it is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Corsica.

The unforgettable of Bonifacio

The caves, the cliffs, the Lavezzi Nature Reserve, the walkway of the citadel with a breathtaking view of Sardinia, a dinner in the old port or a stroll through the narrow streets of the upper town.

The citadel of Bonifacio

Bonifacio, a fortified city, is anchored on a limestone bed, a real isthmus on the sea.

You don't visit Bonifacio, you abandon yourself to it. Unconsciously, the visitor goes back in time and finds himself strolling like a tightrope walker on the thousand-year-old ramparts steeped in history: the weaving of narrow streets, the squares of the quarters and the verticality of the old palazzi invite you to discover the town in a dilettante way.

The cliffs of Bonifacio

Famous for its citadel overlooking the sea, the town of Bonifacio is most famous for its steep white limestone cliffs. Perched on its white cliff, the old town, protected by its citadel, proudly dominates the sea and the marina.

How to get from the hotel to Bonifacio

The Roc e Fiori Hotel is located just 30 minutes by car from Bonifacio. When you arrive at the hotel, our staff will give you directions.
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