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Southern Corsica

The region that includes Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio is part of Southern Corsica:

Corsica is made up of two departments, including Corse du Sud, which is the southern part of the island. It is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, and of course borders the department of Haute Corse.

Southern Corsica is fascinating because of its diversity and its grandiose landscapes, its beaches classified as UNESCO heritage sites or its prehistoric sites.

The Corsican mountain

A true source of wonder, the Corsican mountains are all the nobility and strength of character of this fascinating destination that is the Island of Beauty.
For a successful holiday in Southern Corsica, take a breath of fresh air and explore the island's mountains, go hiking, follow the paths through the maquis, and visit the most beautiful Corsican villages, including Bonifacio.

The Ospedale forest

The Ospédale massif is an ideal place for hiking, alternating rocky screes with pine and cork oak forests. This sector is also characterised by the presence of a lake and a waterfall that can be reached by a marked path.

The Bavella peaks

It is an extraordinary place. Bavella, with its slender granite peaks, offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Southern Corsica.
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