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Menu of services of the massage room

By appointment only. Please contact the hotel reception.
04 95 70 45 20

Véronique offers you:

Californian Relaxing Massage
The Californian massage is a gentle and enveloping treatment, characterized by long, slow, and fluid movements. The body is sculpted in a very intuitive way..
Personalized Intuitive Massage
A massage that combines different techniques to meet your current needs.
Lemniscate Massage
This massage helps to fluidify the energetic circuit, preventing any health issues that might arise from energetic imbalances. It leaves you feeling centered, grounded, balanced, with a sense of inner calm.
Japanese Facial Treatment
A Japanese lifting technique that improves the overall appearance of the skin and delays the onset of wrinkles. Includes the use of a ridoki at the end of the treatment.
Personalized Facial Treatment and Facial Massage
Cleansing and/or exfoliation, cream mask, serum, and a choice of facial massages: relaxing, firming, anti-aging, draining, suitable for all skin types.
45 min
1h 120
1h15 145
Combined Facial Treatment and Sophrology Massage
For the ultimate relaxation experience, enjoy the combination of a facial treatment and a head and body massage.

Martine offers you:

« Abyanga » or energy massage
This energetic massage eliminates knots and tensions. It restores the energy in the body.
1h 120
Foot reflexology
Foot massage with acupressure points.
1h 120
Facial reflexology called « Dian Shang face lift method »
Facial massage with acupressure points on the meridians to firm the face and reduce wrinkles.
1h 120
Reiki, Japanese for « life force »
A method that brings balance and harmony through the laying on of hands.
1h 120
« Ayurvedic » massage
Massage that allows you to achieve well-being and relaxation by rebalancing your doshas in an individualised manner.
1h 120
A method of establishing or restoring a global balance between our body and mind.
1h 120
Relaxing massage
This moment activates the relaxation mechanisms, helps to find well-being and relaxation.
1h 120
Additional 30 minutes 50

Nathalie offers you:

Relaxing massage with Corsican essential oils
This relaxing moment combines traditional Thai and Indian massage with Corsican essential oils.
1h 120
Thai reflexology
Drainage of feet, face and scalp, energy method. Work up to the knees.
1h 120
Hammam and scrub
Choice of citrus or black soap.
30min 80
+ 30 min massage 120
« Land of the Mediterranean » ritual
Hammam, body scrub with citrus fruits and Corsican honey, massage with hot sesame oil and essential oils of the maquis.
1h30 165
« Relaxation » ritual
Hammam, massage with essential oils from the maquis.
1h 120
Lymphatic drainage
Very gentle and precise movements without oil. The massage is very relaxing.
1h 120
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